петак, 03. август 2012.

Exopolitics Council of Serbia - Letter to Serbian Government

Discarding of this topic and not expressing official statement by the Serbian authorities, will be considered reckless behavior and protection of interests of foreign corporations, and opposed to the will of the people of Serbia and the whole world. This document will also be published and sent to newspaper companies. A similar document will be promoted in other countries by their exopolitics organizations.

World Financial System

Citizens know for long time, and feel on their own skin, that something is very wrong with the financial system, but they don’t understand why. Purpose of this document is to educate all citizens including members of the government about the problem, and to point on solutions. Euro and the dollar are private money, and property of central banks, that are private. Behind these private central banks in the U.S., EU and Britain, is a handful of owners, "shareholders". Citizens are confused by the fact that these central banks have official names, like they belong to the state. However, they have nothing to do with the states, and they are above all, without responsibility, and their owners are not accountable to anyone, especially not the people and countries.
Quote: “There is no “other” agency of government, which can overrule actions that we take” - Alan Greenspan, ex chairman of FED, central bank of USA.
With each registered transaction, citizens pay a fee for use of that money, to the owners of central banks. They charge for use of money as a service, for which citizens pay interest and part of the tax. Of course this money circulates through smaller banks as well, which charge for their own services and interests. Today's system is called fractional reserve banking system. This system was invented 300 years ago when banks started quickly getting rich by taking interest on the "non-existing" capital. The rules of this system indicate that a bank can issue 9 times more credit, than what they have in real money and values to cover. This allows a bank to multiply its capital in short time, and continue to increase it exponentially. But once the loan without real coverage is issued, it can be placed on the savings in another bank, and process can be repeated. All together, it can be created up to 90 times more "money" than the real values to cover it. When a person or a country needs money for its needs, it gets it from a private bank as a loan with interest. When an individual or a state requires money for its needs, it gets it from the private bank as a loan with interest. When private central bank issue the loan, the greater part of the loan is created "out of nothing" and added to the money circulation. Generally it works by adding the amount to the account, by typing digits on a computer and money, or better say indebtedness, is "magically" created. If the amount of loan would be completely deleted after repay, the system would be more or less stable. But this is impossible because there is a problem of interest. The amount of money that represent interest did not exist in the moment of borrowing, but has since been invented out of nothing (and often printed) thus devaluate all existing values ​​in circulation, and increasing the overall debt. Numbers and figures often referred confuse citizens, while in reality these interest rates are enormous and represent "usury". Even when the central bank interest rates are zero, their profits remain huge, due to constant money printing and profit of corporations that they own. It is important for people to understand that this moneymaking of nothing and increase in overall debt is totally equal to counterfeiting, but in the case of private central banks there is no one to monitor or question their actions. However, all their money created out of thin air, population must repay with real products and work. Repayments are used to finance new borrowings, but it is necessary to create extra money "out of thin air" to cover now increased debt with additional and additional loans. This mathematical model has no ability to stop borrowing or reduce escalation of debt, but tends to reach infinity of indebtedness, and unavoidably lead to collapse. Those simple facts are not mentioned in the media, and citizens live in delusion that system must function that way. On the contrary, that system is fully enforced by a small group of people, and when population becomes aware of the facts, there is no reason for that system to be used further. Almost all countries of the world owe incredible sums, and they owe them to central banks, which makes every resident of every country automatically obliged to private owners of the world central banks. Budgets of countries of all sizes are always in deficits, and they constantly have to borrow more and more money from "investors". Behind this magic word, again hides a small group of private central banks and individuals so wealthy that they constantly "fund" all countries in the world. Citizens do not understand where the money has gone after use, and why new borrowings are needed if the economy is functioning normally, and if the products are exchanged. The money, plus interest, went back into the system, as the entire sum of debt never existed in reality, but large transactions were in meanwhile used for needs of owners of Central Banks, that is, controlling of the world. They are the "elite" because what they do is in fact "legalized crime". Most central bankers, and those who stand behind them, would be immediately arrested, if their business data is released. If the world financial system was honest and realistic, countries would not be obligated to anyone. But today the U.S. public debt is 50 thousand dollars per capita, and the EU over 20 thousand euros per capita. Total debt in the system is much higher. The debt that is often mentioned in the media is the public debt of the U.S. government, which is currently about 15 trillion dollars, but when you add up all the debts of the states, population, banks, corporations and social programs, there is up to 200 trillion dollars in debt, or about 650 thousand dollars per capita, while their assets are far smaller (the average house is worth 175 thousand dollars) so the debt in the system exceeds all private values by multiple amounts. Unfortunately this is not all, there is as well the so-called derivatives market, with imaginary, nonexistent value​s​, which exceed mentioned amounts by several times, and is used fraudulently for the enrichment of financial corporations. The situation is similar in the European Union and worldwide. Total debt in the EU is around 120 euros per capita. Serbia, which due to sanctions later joined the game of high loans, is rapidly following the trend, and total indebtedness is starting to exceed material values of the population. This is amazing manipulation by central bankers who convinced population that it owes them more than the sum of all material wealth in the world. Just this is a clear indication to everyone how massive fraud we are dealing with. We are wondering are these tiny groups really expecting payment, and how is it possible that the facts and the organizers of this historic fraud are not the number one media issue? Although we already owe them everything that exists, they constantly require payment of "existing debt" plus interest, which they "enable us to do" by giving us new loans, which then increase all of the debt. Far from logic and reason, but this "out of thin air" money making brings incredible power to individuals at the top of the system. All the giant debts are only fictional, virtual amount on paper, used to direct maximum circulation through the central banks and collect huge profits for their private owners. This system decimates real value of money and purchasing power of citizens. Regardless of not being covered by values, all this debt is part of the system, and powerful individuals control and exploit real economy, while majority of population fight for survival because of everywhere attached debts and unrealistic cost ​​of products and services. Today, 60% of world's population is living on the edge of survival, quarter of people have no electricity and world leaders prevent spread of technology and raising of standard. Debts are impossible to pay off and they choke real economy and flow of cash, which make situation equivalent to a patient who has to survive with 5% of blood. The physical money in circulation makes 1 to 5% of total debt and balances, and is less frequently printed, because most of the money, or better say, debt, represent a value in computer memory, does not exist physically and is not backed by goods. Because of inflation and lack of cover, no savings can ever help or make sense. According to data from the European Central Bank website, in the last 7 years, total number and value of euro banknotes in circulation in the world has doubled and now amounts to only 850 billion, which would densely packed occupy 30x30x30 meters. Just public debt of EU is 12 times greater while total debt of EU finances is 70 times higher. Gold reserves of world countries cover 2% of the world's debt to central banks, and much less percentage of total debt. The so-called backing in reserve currency is in case of bankruptcy, considered "cover in worthless bonds", as it does not exist in cash. In the example of Serbia and declared reserves of 11.4 billion euros, that would in cash fit space of at least 10x10x3.5 meter of tightly packed money, and would be 1.34% of world emissions of Euro banknotes, which is due to the size of our population and economy, virtually impossible. It would be impossible for Serbia to pay 7.5 billion euros in cash that is declared amount of deposits in banks, because total amount of euro and domestic banknotes in Serbia is realistically much smaller, as for example it would not be possible to cash out 1350 billions euros of savings that German citizens posses in that country. These are real public statistics that people accidentally overlooked, due to watching too many bank advertising, paid by their deposits. According to NBS data, there is 90 billion dinars in cash circulation. That is about 12 thousand per capita of Serbia, while the total debt in Serbia is 50 times greater per capita, and increases with penalty interest and new borrowings. People are paying off this enormous growing debt every day, knowing it or not. Based on that payment the world's elite take over ownership and control, which is the illustration of society of extreme "slavery". If only the public debt of the EU is represented in cash as a positive value, each of the 500 million EU citizens would have in front of self, 20 thousand euros in banknotes, or any of 730 million Europeans would have 13 700 euros, which in the case of a family would make huge amount of cash in one place. This "movie like scene" is only a dream for most of the people, because the amount of actual cash in existence is far smaller, and large parts of it are in possession of the rich, while most of citizens are only left with manipulated debts. At present time, with equitable distribution, every resident of the EU would get 1000 euro in cash, which is equivalent to half of a monthly salary, while is in fact forced to repay 100 times larger, always growing debt in the system. Trading with debts they created, central bankers can take ownership over all industries, countries and property, which is known by the term of "privatization". The real definition of privatization is, takeover, sale or destruction of industry and economy by central bankers, so that population must turn to them for funding from the loans. This is not just material enrichment of individuals, it is rather full ownership, profiting from all products, services, and ability for total control of world politics, economy and resources. Therefore, the biggest businessmen are solely working in the interest of central bankers, and entire population is subjected to their "prices" and business decisions. The reason for the current "world crisis" is that countries can not return debts to private banks that have "invested" borrowing them "money" without coverage. Their bonds with imaginary value, now can not be paid back with real money and economy, as all wealth of nations have already been taken away, therefore the banks and the states would have to, the sooner the better, declare bankruptcy and write off all debts. Debts in the current system are rapidly growing, and repayment is now an illusion, as much as the borrowing itself. There is too much bonds in the system owned by "investors", and no more possibility for paying them off, which result in chain of country bankruptcies. Historical rule is that at the escalation of crisis, people suddenly try to withdraw their savings from banks, but remain empty handed, because their savings are not covered by cash. Collapse of the largest insurance companies of USA in the year 2008, happened because the companies claimed they have money which didn’t exist in reality, and eventually they had to declare bankruptcy. Those were small events, used to buy time, as the issue is present everywhere, and major bankruptcies and revelations are yet to come. While its obvious to everyone in society today that "there is no money", the media only shows global and local "experts" who claim it is necessary to apply reforms, austerity, privatization, foreign "investment", borrowing, without a single word that the whole financial system is a "Ponzi scam", and it must be changed due to inevitable collapse. In attempt to delay inevitable and extract the last drop of blood from citizens, the world's elite "socializes" the losses. Usurious debts made ​​by central bankers are now placed at the expense of the people as an additional burden for payment. This is the so-called "bailout", translated as "financial rescue" and responsibility is skillfully blamed on citizens, with a story that they themselves are guilty for crisis. In reality, these hypocritical bankers know the game is over, and all their actions will come to light of day.

Economic Situation

The most important and most problematic things in the economy are energy sources, and therefore most prone to manipulation. The world economy almost totally depends on fossil fuels. Control of prices of crude oil on world markets is the main source of income for the financial elite who have a pyramidal ownership of all major oil companies. Since fossil fuels are set as "inevitable" human needs, the entire population is subjected to oil price determined by the elite. They exploit this maximally by charging crude oil 50 times more than the actual production value of about 1 Euro or 1 U.S. cent per liter. Their profit is 3 trillion dollars a year just on crude oil. For annual salaries of all employees in the extraction, processing and transport of oil in the world goes 100 times smaller sum. Countries from which oil is extracted get too small percentage, and the payment is not made with real money but dollar bonds, which in small percentage and after long time get to be paid. Therefore, now in various states there are too many dollar bonds, the so-called "paper of value", which can not be cashed. These bonds are also used in the past decades to set the dollar as world reserve currency and the U.S. as a world power, but it is also based on fraud. Most countries must import large quantities of petroleum products for their needs. Crude oil prices are set so that the state can not cover it with the budget, and always run a deficit which forces the state to borrow loans from the central financial elite and keep paying interest on loans and ever-increasing debts. That way real money comes out of the country, and after the turnaround, returns as a loan without backing, which must be repaid, causing loss of capital and fall of living standards. The elite want standard and abilities of people kept to a minimum. Expensive energy chokes every economy and creates complete dependence on loans and "investors". Technologies that would eliminate the need of fossil fuels and domination of the elite represent a heavily guarded secret. Even ordinary electric cars are unrealistically expensive because oil companies own patent rights and determine their prices. Serbia today spends 0.1% of world production of oil, 5.2 million tons per year, which cost 3.5 billion dollars, or 2.6 billion euros per year, at market price of crude oil, which is 360 euros per capita, or 8700 euro per employee in manufacturing. Neither the fact that 20% is produced in Serbia, does not save the situation, because lot of it is imported as already refined oil at greater price so that real costs correspond to the aforementioned figure of 2.6 billion euros a year. This debt can not be covered by export and is constantly increasing, while the country's capital and standard of living falls. Other fossil fuels increase deficit further. Almost all profit from crude oil goes directly to private agents on the market, "investors", who use it for control and monopoly of the world financial system, which slightly benefits western economy and budgets, but exploit rest of the world population. Even Russian oil companies are half owned by private elite. In order to maintain their power and chaos among the people, financial elite use this money to cause wars, and fund imperialism and military machinery of Western countries. Serbia is in a small percentage, indirectly, responsible for financing their wars and the military, because the world "investors" take profits from the entire population. The European Union is a financial entity, with the intention of centralization of power and putting people in debt slavery. European or any other integration can be useful only if it changes the current corrupt financial system. The debt of the state, economy and population of Serbia is more than 40 billion euros, which is almost 6 thousand euros per capita, or 135 thousand per employee in manufacturing, and is rapidly increasing due to new loans and penalty interest. Ratio of little cash, as opposed to huge debts is caused deliberately to serve the bankers, and prevents the population to undertake anything alone, but must seek a loan with interest. In this system, inflation does not depend on cash, but the debts and money without backing. Electronic currency would be fine if the whole system was fair, with real values ​​and fully transparent, but this way it serves to hide the huge manipulation and allow bankers to facilitate control and collect profits. The so-called "experts" who appear on the media, hypnotize the citizens with the various technical terms, and creates the illusion that all these concepts and banking moves are good for the people. For example the term "investment", in reality it is not a gift, because anyone who invests does it so he can take more than he gave. Only invest in actual production can serve the people, but today it is far from reality and rare case. The term "selling bonds to foreign investors," apparently sounds like earnings, while in reality, it is indebting of state or a company with enormous interest, and put as weight to all citizens. People who are considered world's largest authorities are in fact servants of the biggest crooks and criminals. Central bankers and secret services are also responsible for transfers and profit from narcotics at the highest level. The main reason why drugs are illegal is that their prices are to be kept high, that crimes flourish, and that it serves to gather huge amounts of cash, serving bankers and their secret services to illegal operations. Only countries that are resisting the control of central banks are Iran, Syria, North Korea, Cuba, Venezuela, and therefore they are under fire from international officials, as well as Iraq and Libya that have attempted to set up their hard currency. Only few countries have small debt including China, which does not charge interest on its money and that is why this country is experiencing real economic growth. Every human work is more or less useful but this system devalues ​​the majority of human labor, and prevents the achievement of goals. According to the possibilities of technology, anyone could have largest TVs, most powerful computers, mobile devices, most luxurious cars, apartments, home accessories, great autonomy of movement, good healthy food and clean energy sources. It only takes larger production and in some cases higher employment. Obstacle to achieving this is the current strictly manipulated finance system. Because of this system of limited cash next to huge imposed debts, we have contradictory phenomena:
There are products - there are no buyers
There are technologies for production - there is no workers - there are unemployed and poor that need the products

The authorities need to explain to people, if Serbia's population by economic criteria, including domestic and foreign currencies would account for 3 to 4 billion euros in cash for circulation, how it is possible that we are indebted for 15 times larger amount, while in European and rest of the world countries, debts are as much as 100 times greater than the cash. Like the famous case of Madoff, and tens of billions of dollars fraud, the entire global financial system is a Ponzi scamming scheme to keep the small group wealthy. Why would the banks, especially central, for borrowed money, expect doubling of the money in a short time, rather than to satisfy with general socially useful work that needs to be achieved due to loan and return the same amount without interest. Interest system represent looting and create unstoppable inflation, and therefore citizens should not agree to these scams until all changed from the roots.

ECS proposes solutions and advanced technology 

Current world financial system is insinuation to common sense and mathematics. World operates the way where a small group of swindlers at top of the system harasses 7 billion people. Hypnotized citizens have served for decades as slaves of these banks and corporations. Practically there are one million citizens per one central owner that regulate their standard of living. They are just people, they are not untouchable, and it is sufficient to initiate an investigation against them, and financial manipulation. Those "owners of the world" must be removed from office and arrested if they are responsible for fail of economy, financial or political manipulations. In almost all countries, leaders are placed only to serve this system. Finger should not be pointed solely at the state officials, because they are just servants and they are not the ones who are making decisions, but they can be good witnesses in the investigation. Some leaders would like to disclose the truth, but they need support. It will be very interesting and shocking when all the procedures are exposed. The world today is not in the capitalistic system, but in the system of corporate looting, which is based on deception and exploitation. Corporations lobby and tailor policies to the detriment of citizens, officials work for their interests, or are too incompetent. If the authorities in Serbia do not know how the world economy function, after this document they can no longer justify themselves as uninformed. ECS believes that the current inappropriate and "amateur" running of country must be changed in accordance with the interests of citizens. The entire financially system must be changed radically. States should have their own central banks that issue their own independent currency, where each note will be convertible for the prescribed amount of gold. World currency with gold backing, without the possibility of manipulation, is equally good solution. Possibility of profiting "by creating money" must not exist. Functioning of the economy must be based on cheap energy sources. It is necessary to bring down the price of crude oil and all fossil fuels. Realistic price of crude oil would prevent deficits, and capital would remain in the country. But oil and all fossil fuels must be replaced and gradually dropped from use. Technology is the key of to the economy. Here, as well as in the world, huge sums have been invested in the oil industry and fossil fuels, while practically nothing has been invested in alternative sources which make everything else unnecessary. The public does not know that it is possible to make relatively simple devices, so-called free electricity generators that create electricity without any fuel consumption, charging or collecting of light or wind. These inventions were discovered by various scientists and inventors during the last 100 years. This is not about some sort of “violation of laws of physics”, but about effective extraction of energy that flows through every point of space. Huge energy of gravity holds galaxies together, and propels the entire universe. Unfortunately, most people do not even know the basics of the financial system that they use, so it is difficult to expect that they will know something about advanced technologies that are denied to them. Many skeptical experts base their knowledge on what they have "read" and not on what they explored. Typical statements are "if it were possible someone would have already made it", but very tiny percentage of people have tried anything at all. All rely on what can be bought at the store. Why would a greedy corporation, and its central financiers, sell something that stops energy dependence and possibility for profit? The mainstream science is far from explaining gravity and the structure of matter, but that does not mean that experiments have not produced usable technologies that have been suppressed and hidden from market. Individuals who demonstrated particular technologies have been by a rule exposed to seizure and blackmail by the secret services who work for corporations. Their plans and prototypes are locked in the archives of these services. Certain physicists on large projects are paid by corporations to promote complicated and unproven theories, as well as costly and dangerous nuclear reactors, deliberately drawing attention away from the opportunities offered by free energy and antigravity. If you do not believe in hiding the generators of free energy, ask yourself, why at least technologically simple solar panels are not used on a large scale with reduced cost, and deployed in small power plants, which would allow most cars to be electric with better performance than gasoline and costs of fuel would not exist. This is again because the financial elites would lost their power and profit. Free generators of electricity, can not be misused for terrorism more than any conventional energy source. On the Internet, there are currently a number of people who have demonstrated prototypes of such devices developed at the present time. A large number of individuals around the world are working on their own discoveries. Such things can not be patented and put into production because they are threat to financial interests of the private ruling elite. With proper design of the device, coupling between gravity and magnetic forces can be conducted to produce large amounts of electricity. There are mobile devices such as a generator with the rotor, and there are devices with no moving parts that rely on the conversion of different frequencies of electro-magnetic fields. Free energy generators exist as prototypes, but the media ignores them. These generators are completely simple, small and insignificantly cheap to produce. They have no chemical or radioactive reactions, but only ordinary electronic components. The rotating devices are made with strong neodymium magnets. The American corporation for the production of military equipment and aircraft, Lockheed Martin, has shown that contradicted neodymium magnets alter the influence of gravity on itself. Also, Russian scientists have carried out an experiment that confirms the "Searl Effect Generator" (SEG), which reduces the mass of an object by use of rotating neodymium magnets, thus creating anti-gravity effect. There are additional ways of obtaining anti-gravity with advanced electro-magnetic devices. Antigravity vehicles and aircrafts influence the field of gravity and inertia, they are able to move quickly and safely, and inertia does not affect the crew and the environment, energy bubble around the car can prevent any damage upon impact. All vehicles can be converted to new technology or completely new and more advanced can be produced. With these vehicles there is no need to build and maintain roads. By applying these technologies, none of the citizens can lose anything. All employees in the energy sector can be diverted to new jobs or be covered by the general increase in standard of living. With the use of new technology, everyone can work less and have the same or more. Serbia needs to join a positive trend and may lead an initiative to launch worldwide campaign for new technologies and disclosure of important information. Public display of the generators of free energy in the mass media, will cause a drastic decline in the value of oil and oil companies, freeing the citizens of a large baggage, and oil will be used only briefly during the transitional period. Everyone will be richer because they will have more energy, unrestricted movement, and high purchasing power. Imagine that you have almost unlimited possibilities of cheap travel, or even antigravity, and life without electricity, fuel and heating bills. Existing vehicles can be easily converted to use free energy, internal combustion engines with little modification, can run on hydrogen obtained by electrolysis of water and free electricity generator or the motor can be replaced by an electric motor. In Serbia, billion euros loan is planned to make a new power consumption meters, which do not do anything useful, just increase electric bill. Price to make free energy generators for each household in Serbia or in power plant would be smaller, and electricity bills would never exist. All this can be produced in a short time. With the free energy, the price of goods would be far lower and purchasing power would be greater, because there would not be high costs of energy and transport. Free energy would improve agriculture and irrigation. Wars fought for control of unnecessary resources would be prevented as well as borrowing from central banks.

Extraterrestrial Issue

Exopolitics is a science that deals with the most serious possible approach to the issue of contact with extraterrestrial beings. It also deals with advanced technologies, overcoming global problems and the general progress of society. This is not about some kind of prophecy or world disaster used to fearmonger the masses, but the existence and intention of friendly galactic community to soon make public contact with the inhabitants of planet Earth. Among the population there is divided opinion and great lack of information about concepts of astronomy, space exploration and alien beings. Today, 90% of the population believes in the existence of aliens, and 80% believe they are visiting our planet. Those people who are skeptical are such mainly because they are uninformed, and most people are burdened with ordinary things and means to survive, and they are not aware what is happening in wider vicinity. Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) are not subject of ridicule, but phenomenon officially recognized in some countries, and extensively discussed in secret by the military institutions of the larger countries. The phenomenon is widely present can not ignored and intensifies lately. Besides the number of false recording and misinformation, a significant percentage of reporting is credible and can not be explained by common thing and available technology. Phrases such as "martians", "little green men" and "flying saucers", are used by those who know little about reality or in rare cases know a lot but deliberately misinform and ridicule. The attitude of ridicule was initiated from "authorities" who know the real truth, and scientific elite have blindly accepted and promoted a definition that reality is only what you can buy in store and hear from officials on television. The so called "authorities" pass this attitude on the masses of people, keeping them in the illusion of "reality". Some individuals are led to believe that the issue of UFOs and aliens is irrelevant, non-existent, and in the realm of science fiction, and that it does not really concerns to anyone. On the contrary, these things are absolutely important for everyone on Earth and his way of life. Problem persists with the official attitude and a wall of silence from the authorities of world powers and other nations. If for example spy plane flyover air space of a country, an international scandal might escalate, but if a group of UFO's regularly flies over the air space of all states, officials are holding their heads in the sand. The attitude towards UFOs is a very sensitive issue and is related to advanced technologies and the ability to control the world through the resources by the wealthy elite. One of the main reasons is that these advanced crafts, regardless of their origin, are obviously not propelled by oil. Each official statement and recognition of phenomena would soon eliminate the possibility of banking elite to manage the economy and resources, and even religious divisions and manipulation of people. One part of the scientific elite, blindly confident in their knowledge, rejects the UFO phenomenon, just because someone several decades or centuries ago set theories that does not account for antigravity. But such scientists are far from understanding basic laws of the universe and making specific inventions. In contrast to them, there are scientists working for the military industrial complex in the United States, where the incredible sums of money drawn from the world's population is used for covert applications. In these programs, and underground bases, variety of advanced technologies have been developed over the decades that elites does not want to show to the people, including anti-gravity flying crafts. Some percent of the seen UFO's is extraterrestrial in origin, while others are crafts from the secret space program of the USA. The official authorities in the United States have no control over this information and projects, but they are funded under the label "national security". Only few people have complete knowledge of what is actually happening in secret, and for decades keep technological solutions, facts and evidence of the existence of other civilizations and hidden historical data. Many people doubt the possibility of hiding, and ask, if the aliens are present in the vicinity of the Earth, why don’t they show themselves in front of everyone? The answer to that question is that people over the centuries were not prepared for such a massive change of concept, because an open extraterrestrial contact with the public is the greatest event in the history of the civilization, and to avoid chaotic and inadequate response, the population must be carefully prepared, which is the process we see for decades through film industry, documentaries, scientific data and assumptions, increased UFO sightings, and so on. Also there are people who are already in contact and they communicate messages, which are extensively monitored by percent of population that follow alternative sources of information. These messages are the wise advices, a wealth of information and must be taken seriously. According to available data, the first extraterrestrials that will make contact are human species of the same look like us, because we are genetically related to them. Later we will be ready to meat other diverse, intelligent beings. The aliens are very advanced they observe us and know all about us, its naive to think that there are secrets. Their civilizations perform routine interstellar travels faster than light, and they use many, for us, magic technologies. There is no any kind of danger from the alien presence and contact, because they are our big uncountable galactic family, and can only bring us unimaginable expansion of lifestyle and enjoyment. UFOs have many times demonstrated disabling of test projectiles in flight and nuclear missiles at the bases. Extraterrestrials would not allow destruction of the planet due to few deranged minds of our civilization, and they have sent clear messages to the governments of nuclear powers, stating that nuclear war is not allowed. But the world's elites want to keep the population in fear of everything possible, including of aliens, and they persistently plant ideas of ​​nuclear threats, terrorism, and even an invasion from outer space. Facts about aliens, hidden technologies and historical events will soon come to light when current world problems are addressed and manipulation of the global financial elite are revealed. Everyone will sooner or later have to face the scientific facts and then the authorities will be responsible for not discussing the situation sooner. Today's private power-holders in the world are willing to stage attacks on the population in order to protect their interests of maintaining power and preventing disclosure of their crimes. Aliens are waiting for manipulations to stop, and for warlike human race to calm down, but the wait is almost over. Now when the people carry out drastic changes, arrest those who were standing in the way of honest life, and face the facts, aliens will also show themselves as welcomed guests. This is what people anticipate for the most, even if they are not aware of it. Various ethnic, religious and other divisions and fanaticism will disappear, when faced with greater reality. Citizens need to evaluate things for themselves and not to allow anyone to impose opinion on them about what is truth and what is not, and all will resolve in time. The public will soon face the reality of advanced technologies and aliens regardless of one's current beliefs. ECS among other things have a role to educate and prepare population for first contact with extraterrestrial races. Officials of some countries have already been briefly informed about the world changes including upcoming appearance of aliens. Many countries make available full or partial documentation for reported UFO cases, but the main powers keep quiet about it and perpetuate negative propaganda. It is hard to ignore further something so obvious that counts millions of witnesses. Recently, even the pilots of the former JNA spoke publicly about their encounters with UFOs that had flight characteristics beyond anything known in today's public technology. If there are reports on their and other cases in the military archives of Serbia, they should be made public, because it is about things that do not jeopardize the security of the state and they happened many years ago. If necessary, testimony of the pilots and air traffic controllers should be arranged before the court or parliament, as attention should be drawn to this, at this point, important topic. If someone thinks that the government have better things to do than chasing UFO's and alien stories, he should be reminded that the authorities of this and most other countries, demonstrated their expertise in hiding disastrous financial fraud and service to small number of extremely wealthy individuals in controlling the world because the government does nothing but implement "privatization", spread deception and blind promises, but at least now they can redeem a little by doing something positive about new technologies and life themes that rapidly emerge on the main view. Now that U.S. and EU are about to declare bankruptcy, and population increase pressure and UFO sightings increase in number, possibility of maintaining the system and cover-up of information is dropping. The corrupt oil-financial system is collapsing, and new system needs to be established, and If Serbia reacts on time it can lead this initiative, and speed up the process. People's awareness and spread of information on UFOs, anti-gravity and free energy is necessary. The Serbian government should express an official statement about UFOs, and call for testing of prototypes of free energy generators in the world today. These technologies are nothing unattainable for government or the people, it just take little organizing to prove their existence to everyone. Movements are strengthening in the world that request revealing of information, such as the "Disclosure Project", with 500 testimonies from experts, former state officials, military officers, astronauts, pilots, radar operators, scientists and experts who worked on secret programs and who have employment history in the military industrial complex companies. ECS points on 560 pages of documentation, evidence of the experts of the Disclosure Project's www.disclosureproject.org and points to several conferences in the www.paradigmresearchgroup.org covered on the world's largest media. We also refer to the official investigation of French scientists and military officials, Cometa Report, which ended with the conclusion that the UFO phenomenon is real and part of the cases most likely represents crafts of extraterrestrial origin. The most obvious and tangible evidence of extraterrestrial intelligence is found as thousands of crop circles, extensively documented in public. These magnificent complex geometric figures of orderly shapes, sizes up to 60 acres, with natural bent stems, proven to can not be made by man’s hand and technology. The media should not fearmonger, but present Disclosure Project and all the other documentaries about UFOs and aliens to public. Politicians are mostly ignorant and incompetent for the UFO subject, and should also be educated.

Call to Action

We underline that ECS does not tell fairytales, and all things mentioned in this article, with a little organization and intent, in the proper order, can be proven to everyone. The economy can function perfectly even with generally well-known technologies, but as soon as financial system is changed, people will get advanced technologies as a reward because after the investigation cover-ups will be clarified. Financial truth, when fully understood, is shocking for the citizens. The information and data stated in this document can not be denied without lying, and citizens need to explore and see for themselves. Mainstream media is currently working to censor the truth but to their detriment, because nothing that they have now is value compared to what had been deprived from population and objectivity will drastically speed up the overall progress. Statements that officials "sell" to the public, that it is necessary to reduce costs, privatize and layoff, are nonsense. In reality, only who need to be dismissed from work are central banks, their followers and the secret agencies that carry out atrocities. All citizens of Serbia, in effect, owe half their estate, apartment or house, to central bankers, and they repay that with every purchase they ever make. Serbia as a country is not robed by the Serbian government, as some think. It is as well as other countries looted by central banks and international corporations, while governments allow the whole thing and sell all assets to pay for fuel. People and authorities of the countries must prevent that. People need to declare a rebellion against the criminal international banking system. Preparations for new and fair financial system are well underway behind the scenes, and it is necessary for citizens and officials of many countries support the proposals mentioned in this document and other requirements presented by citizens. Some leaders know that there will be changes to the system, because they economically act as if "there is no tomorrow", but the central bankers take advantage of that and grab as many things as possible from the people. This text is not against any country or community, but against corruption at the highest level, which affects all countries and citizens. Politicians in Serbia, needs to understand that time is up and there will be no more lying of the people. Without the support of this document, no political party in Serbia should appear in front of people's eyes. All other stories are just an illusion, and as such will remain in history. We call on all parties and organizations to participate in the initiative, and those that contribute the most, will have the greatest sympathy among the people. In countries that have resisted fraudulent system, wars and bombings have been triggered and staged, but that should not scare you, because this time the whole world is united for change of the system. For all people that live normally, this corrupt fraudulent financial system will be dismantled in a coordinated action, and sent to history. There is no reason to fear of the collapse of the system, because only the central bankers will fall, and people will receive real capital, which should have belong to them in a fair system, and is currently under the control of bankers. Drastic reduction or elimination of interest is required the money must be interest-free under the supervision of state governments, not private banks. Global debt and lack of money should not exist. All money should exist physically and always be located somewhere available for use. It is necessary to write off debts of states to central banks, and debts to other countries, to write off business debts, and to half or completely write off debts of citizens for the new monetary system. After the write-off of all debts, all residents should receive initial grant amounts, which will initiate the new system. When financing of western imperialistic corporations through unrealistic oil prices and interest rates of central banks is halted new technologies must be applied. People need to realize that they do not need anyone's big money, if they have the appropriate technology for their needs. Readers should save and copy this text, distribute information and request implementation of these changes from all officials and politicians in order to drastically improve their own standard of living. Every individual is important and has much to contribute, because it is people fault if they do not request that which will improve them. Cash withdrawals from banks are more effective than protests on the streets, and this kind of pressure on the banks would quickly resolve the situation and reveal fraud to everyone. Serbian politicians should initiate internal and international initiative to change the system. Evident mass protests around the world will drastically increase until the demands are met. The leaders must comply under the pressure of the people and the politicians who serve the interests of bankers will be bypassed. If the authorities of all countries fail to implement these plans, the people will do it for themselves. Mainstream media needs to objectively show corrupt world system, and promote free energy. It is necessary to run informative and legal campaign against the global financial elite, and demand the truth about all the hidden data, including secret projects in USA, and details about the conventional exploration of space. Free energy must come out in the open and most efficient devices should be selected for mass production. New technologies will end poverty and problems that face today's civilization. It is possible to make a world where everyone, working for the public interest, will have everything he wants, and there would be no need for money to exist. As soon as this change occurs future will bring easy and high quality life.

Citizens can be more informed and express support on the facebook group: "Exopolitics Council of Serbia."

Short conclusions:
A small "elite" group of "investors", are "richer" than all the countries of the world, and finance them.
Energy prices are manipulated to create a big minus in the state budgets.
Through the banking system of fraud, citizens and the states are put into huge debt slavery.
Information and technologies and threatening the interests of controlling the world are hidden.

ECS expressed attitudes:
Writing off debts!
Stop interest!
Stop money with no cover!
Stop the expensive price and use of fossil fuels!
Request for disclosure of relevant information!

Radivoj Radivojević

Egzopolitics Council of Serbia

For text in Serbian language click here:

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