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UFOs had regular flyovers above former Yugoslavia

JNA lieutenant: They ordered us to shoot down a UFO!

The craft was moving above, below, then disappeared. Radars were not able to identify the object. We received an order to shoot, says Trifko Radeta.

Air Force Lt. Col. Trifko Radeta, claims he had first encounter with the UFO in 1985. during his pilot training.

Until now he never spoke or wrote about the mysterious close encounter with an unidentified flying object (UFO) over the northern Adriatic Sea. After 26 years of silence, retired lieutenant colonel in the Air Force, pilot Radeta Trifko (46) for the first time publicly testified about encounters of JNA aircrafts with "flying saucers".
This mysterious event happened in the year 1985. Radeta was third-year cadet at the Military Aviation Academy, Zadar, stationed at the Pula airport, which was known as the best center for monitoring and guiding aircraft in adverse weather conditions.
 - One day, early afternoon, I was in the cabin of aircraft "Seagull" (Galeb N-60) with the legendary flight instructor Mita, nickname Dolar - says Rade. - We were practicing maneuvers and recovery from incorrect positions, in the zone of visual flight of Rab, at altitudes of 2,500 to 4,500 meters. The day was beautiful for flying, no clouds, with visibility greater than ten kilometers.
Retired Air Force Lt. Col. testifies that they formed a chain, and the aircrafts one by one took off toward their destinations. The flight was going without any problems, says Radeta, until climbing in the zone of Cres. He noticed a flying object of aluminum color, cylindrical and cigarette shaped.
 - I estimated the length of about 20 and a width of 4 to 5 meters - says former military pilot. - I informed my instructor in the second cabin, which took over the command and brought the plane into a position that he can well see the strange aircraft himself. The object was flying at speed not greater than 100 kilometers per hour, at about 1,500 meters altitude, and on the border of our zone and the zone of Krk.

Right away, instructor informed air traffic control in Pula, to check is there more crafts in our flight zone. At the same time, we warned our colleagues that were in direction of the movement of the object, not to go below the mission altitude, to avoid collision.
 - While keeping the object in our sight, and constantly approaching it, we experienced a big surprise. Suddenly, its flight speed increased at an incredible rate, and in five or six seconds it was out of the SFRY air space, near the position of Trst. Only after UFO left our air space, flight control informed us with great latency, that there is no other crafts in the area.
As Radeta says, radar guidance officer from the Pula airport, excitetly informed them that in the skies over northern Adriatic, there is no any other flying object except their aircrafts.
Upon landing at the airport, cadets have commented on this event, while teachers retreated to their rooms.
 - At least eight pilots participated in this "sighting" which was never publicly discussed before. No one ordered us to be silent, but we had fear to be declared incapable for service by VMA (medical military academy). That would be too great risk, to sacrifice so many years of effort and learning because of something that did not harm anyone or threaten the safety of flight.
Rade Trifko recently became a member of the "UFO Serbia", the first UFO organization in Serbia, which use the slogan "Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence."

Chasing the "Light"
Radeta was one of 12 pilots who in 1987. chased the strange light along the Adriatic coast with their fighter jets. As he says, the whole squadron, led by commander Milan Peric, failed to catch up with the light.
 - The light intercepted us, chased, played with us. It was moving above, below, left, right, and finally disappeared. Military radars were not able to identify the object, and we soon got an order to reach the craft and shoot it down. We tried to get it and bring it down, but we could not - says Rade to whom this was second UFO encounter.
 - At the interstate level, for decades there is an exchange of information related to UFOs. Especially Americans, and Russians are let to have a look at some of the information concerning the strange phenomena of the universe - says Rade. He confirmed that this is just one of many visits of beings from other planets.
After graduating from the Military Aviation Academy, Trifko Radeta have served as a combat pilot, until 2002. stationed at airports of Mostar, Zadar, Zagreb, Podgorica, Nis and Kraljevo. Until his retirement in 2006. he worked at the command of the Air Force of Serbia, and the same year he graduated at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Niš. Now he lives with family in Kraljevo.

Second pilot that came out to public is from Croatia

Croatian pilot Dragutin Prepust from Pula, described for the "Morning newspaper" that he had unusual encounters in the sky with an orange light, while working as a teacher in flight school in late eighties.
Former Yugoslavia in the eighties, according to the testimonies of pilots, was often visited by aliens. Flyers from former JNA, in fact, claim that they frequently encountered unidentified flying objects during routine exercises.
Croatian "Morning newspaper" brings confession of pilot Dragutin Prepust from Pula, who himself twice experienced strange encounters in the sky, in the late eighties.

On one summer night in 1987. Prepust, as a teacher on board "Seagull" airplane went toward Zadar with his student. It have been standard exercise, and intended for more experienced students, who were one step from becoming professional pilots. Route would be crossed several times during the night - from Pula by Opatija to Bakanjca near Zadar, and a sharp turn back.
During the third flight, at about midnight, just at Bakanjac, chaos began.
- The night was starry, and flight pleasant, so I relaxed and monitored my student over the dashboard, he was doing fine - Prepust says.
At one point, student excitedly asked.

 - What is that on our left?

Prepust took a look and saw an amazing sight. Before him at a distance of fifty meters was an orange ellipse, moving in the direction of his plane. "Seagull" at that time was at an altitude of 3,600 meters, and the teacher has estimated that the object was moving at a speed of 900 kilometers per hour. They suddenly turned as the first logical thought was that it is a craft, and most important was to avoid possible collision. "Seagull" then descended to below 3,000 meters altitude, and Prepust now looked at the bottom of the ellipse. The ellipse was then glowing in red color. He immediately contacted flight control in Zagreb.

 - There is no one, you are alone - controller said.

Prepust requested additional check, but by the end of the evening none of the Ljubljana, Zagreb or Belgrade noticed any other craft near them on the military radars.
Controller from Brion told him:

- I see it with my eyes, you're not crazy, but it is really not on radar.

The teacher told the student not to talk about what he saw so that they avoid chance to be laugh at, because he thought that perhaps it was an illusion. However, at the time they landed in Pula, investigators were already waiting for them, and put them in separate rooms, and asked to write a report.
 - We have described what we saw, but no one mentioned that reports ever again. An experienced colleague told me that there is no pilot who done more than 200 flight hours, while not having at least one similar experience - says Prepust for "Morning paper."
He adds that he does not claims to have had contact with aliens.
 - It is a UFO, it's really an unknown object, but I explained to myself that this are electromagnetic, let's call them, clouds, or groups that remain as a trace behind every aircraft. That is the only possible explanation - says Prepust.
He explains that at one point he encouraged and tried to follow the object, but it changed direction at an angle of 90 degrees, which no aircraft produced by people can do at these speeds.
 - The experience was not pleasant. I felt helpless because I did not know what i was dealing with - says a former teacher.

There are also testimonies that UFOs have been often seen over the mountain Rumija in Montenegro. According to testimonies of the pilots, when one of them saw an orange light, he had instruction to shout "Wolf", which was a code word for a UFO. Then the "MiGs 21" would take off, and had orders to destroy, without warning, everything that flies above 3,000 meters.

Flying saucer crashed in Slovenia 1966.

Recently the media reported that the former Yugoslavia had its own "Roswell" case or "X-File". In similar pattern to original American case, a flying saucer crashed in Slovenia. Reportedly, in November 1966. near the village of Otočec, Krki, near Novo Mesto, Slovenia, UFO crashed and burned along with the alien crew.
The body of an unknown being was taken out of the wreckage, transported to the Belgrade Military Medical Academy (VMA), where an autopsy was performed in secrecy. Black and white photographs of the event can be found on the Internet (see link below).
The photographs show three doctors doing an autopsy of the burnt body that is looking more like an alien than human. The published information is that people in the photographs are surgeon Andrej Zobol, and two pathologists Nikola Julic and Zoran Frederic, and three high officers of the army and the government of Ex Yugoslavia. The names of these doctors have been changed for the release, as the source have afraid to have problems with this highly guarded secret.
After the death of the author, pictures were secretly released in 1999. from a private collection which he kept. His son found the nephew of one of the doctors, who now lives in Slovenia, near the Italian border.
The event at the time it took place was put under the veil of secrecy, a UFO crash was covered with a story that it is a military exercise and testing of the latest JNA weaponry.
Americans were informed about everything, probably in case of alien invasion or for the exploitation of technology.
But this case is more controversial and there are different stories.
According to other sources on this case, the craft crashed in Bosnia, not in Slovenia, in November 1976. and not 1966. Then the original story was deliberately altered with false information that came from masonic lodges, which tried to hide the facts from the public, and including an Italian who claimed that he is personally the author of the doll on the autopsy table.
The story goes that the Yugoslav secret plane crashed, and the scorched body of an alien, is in fact the body of the Yugoslav Air Force pilot, deformed by flame.
According to these sources, the secret was well kept that not even the USA nor the USSR knew of the event, because Yugoslavia was neutral.

UFO experts claim that the long-standing legend of aliens in Yugoslavia began with the documents gathered by the department of space issues, established immediately after World War II. They argue that the military and political leadership covered up everything.
Apparently the former creation of fifties and sixties, had the necessary documents to persuade the world that aliens exist, from detailed descriptions of encounters with other beings, through secret bases, photos, conspiracies, to the frescoes from the 14th century showing beings in flying crafts.

The Yugoslav reporter of astronautics, Milivoj Jugin, wrote about the unknown flying objects over Yugoslavia. He talked about the strange occurrences over Belgrade in mid 1954.
 - It was the 1954. when in the early hours, over Belgrade have been seen light phenomenon, a kind of "fireballs" that were flying high above us, on a clear morning weather. I was a member of the committee formed to seek an explanation of this phenomenon, whose photo appeared the next day in one of our newspapers as a first-class sensation - Jugin said for the Belgrade media.
The commission that examined this occurrence above Belgrade, gave the explanation that it was a so-called "stroboscope effect." on the sky. According to the commission, there were intermittent clouds that at one point poured into a long continuous line, which due to complicated mirages, to observers on earth looked like a "flying saucer".

Landed in Paracin, a Serb talked to aliens

M.P. as a 4 year old, had a close encounter with aliens. According to the weekly magazine NIN, the archives under the number 22-8-1959/71 of UDBA (Ex Yugoslavia secret service) filed the record of conversation with a child who claimed to have seen them. But not only that, the boy was able to understand everything he was told.

A few years after World War II, in USA first unidentified flying objects have been spotted. A craze for flying saucers started. The Yugoslav secret service did not resist the new trend, and the 18. June 1949. in the cabinet of Police Minister of the time, Aleksandar Rankovic, due to new knowledge about the existence of life beyond Earth, Department for cosmic questions was formed. The function of this organization was to investigate alien phenomenon in the territory of Yugoslavia. In addition to several reported cases of UFOs, a strange conversation took place. Sixteen-year old M.P. from Paracin, said that when he was four, on 04. April 1959, above the house, he noticed a flying saucer that emitted colorful light, and obscured the sun. The boy fled to the house.

"People of my height came out of the object, dressed in gray suits. I did not see their faces. I did not hear voices, but I understand when they told me not to be afraid, and then stabbed me with a needle on my hand. They announced that they will come back for me on 21. December 2012." says the testimony of a young man, who now is not 56 year old and live in Sombor. Later, this date is deciphered as the end date of the Mayan calendar. He was never able to remove the scar of injection.

The Washington was soon informed about this case. There was a possibility that the boy be immediately transferred to Minnesota, but the experts from United States examined him in Yugoslavia. Apparently the Wikileaks site announced that US Ambassador Mary Warlick and Serbian Foreign Minister Vuk Jeremic, talked about this case.
The letter states that Jeremic agreed with the plan titled "Alvarado", which provides oversight of M.P. from Sombor, in expectation of promise made by aliens, but does not accept the subordination on Serbian territory. As written by NIN, this plan is named after the Spanish conquistador who conquered the Maya, and refers to the total control of M. P. until 21. December 2012. when aliens should come for him.
 - We do not wish to comment such things - its said from BIA (Serbian security information agency) on question about this case.

Recently we learned about the incident in 1977. when formation of UFOs stormed in the airspace of Yugoslavia, and landed in the area of Kacarevo. The witness, Croatian Aldo Matic was a commander of the Kacarevo radar station, as part of the VOJIN system. For the first time he talked about this case in the Croatian tv show "Na rubu znanosti" (On the edge of science).

There are numerous cases of UFO sightings by citizens, that are lately reported on Serbian media.

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